Cute as a bug!!

HENRY - on stepsA young woman I worked with a couple of years ago called me recently to ask for help with a brochure she is designing.  Of course I was flattered…so I said yes (I’m not sure I was much help tho’;).  She asked if we could meet for coffee and said she would love for me to meet her three-year old son, Henry.  So, I thought…well, I don’t take too many people pictures so maybe I’ll give it a try with Henry.  Henry was so calm and well-behaved for a three-year old!  My friend and I had coffee and talked for at least an hour.  Henry amused himself with a piece of coffee cake and a cool Tonka-like toy bulldozer which was great for pushing around crumbs.

HENRY - Milk feet triptych

Henry and Tawyna 2It was an over cast day but perfect for some pictures on the grounds at Historic Deepwood Estate.  Henry was very accommodating and I just loved his gorgeous blue eyes.  The bright green spring grass was a great backdrop for his colorful cap and blue shirt.  The last shots I took of him were so fun.  He was sitting on a curb in the parking lot and his Mom kept asking him “is the cat crazy?”   And he would giggle and giggle and giggle.  Thanks Henry for a fun morning!HENRY - on curb


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  1. I love Rebecca’s photography on display at the Salem Convention Center. If you have not stopped by to see it I encourage you to. You will find her photograph’s displayed on the 2nd floor. They capture a natural part of Salem that I sometimes loose sight of amid the busyness of the city. I find them very relaxing and beautiful. Yes, dear Rebecca, you were very helpful & I felt honored to have your opinion on the brochure. It was a joy that you choose to photograph Henry. These are some photographs that I will cherish for the entirety of my life. Thank you!

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