Robins - Dad on FenceRobins - collageAbout three weeks ago a Robin appeared in our backyard. Nothing unusual about this since it is spring in Oregon.  But he (I know it’s a he because of his bright red breast) decided to build a nest deftly hidden among the clematis vines in one of the Y-shaped supports of our patio pergola.  My husband and I watched him come and go with lots of nest building material.  It took him about a week to build the nest.  Then he was gone.  I asked my husband to climb the short ladder and look in the nest.  He said it was beautifully done – an architectural masterpiece, but no eggs.  We were sad and waited every morning for him to come back.

Robins - Two

Robins - Mom with MudFinally, he brought the Mrs. home!  This week she has been working really hard to finish the nest while Mr. Robin keeps watch from the fence.  Knowing about as much about birds as I do about vegetables (see previous post), I was fascinated to find that she is lining the nest with mud.  Back and forth, back and forth to who knows where, carrying mud in her beak.  She has now gotten a bit used to me sitting on the patio with my camera taking shots of her hard at work.  Mr. Robin still squawks like crazy when he sees me! We are looking forward to meeting the young ones although we don’t know when she will lay her eggs.  I think she deserves a vacation after all that mudding!Robins - Mom on fence with mud


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