Color My World

Tulips - fieldA sure sign of spring in this part of Oregon’s Willamette Valley is when the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival starts in Woodburn.  I got lucky and found a warm overcast day with no rain for my visit….and I was joined by lots and lots of other people!  There were Tulips - tractorstill some daffodils out too.  And the dogs in the yard across from the acreage just wanted to play. Even on an overcast day, the fields were just brilliant – a cacophony of color! It’s so much fun to watch people taking pictures of their kids, grand kids  Moms, Dads, boy friends and girlfriends in among the blooms.

Tulips - dogs

Tulips - baby with red tulipI like tulips, but what I really like to do is take pictures of people who are having their pictures taken by other people.  It’s a form of street photography with much prettier backgrounds!  Scroll down to enjoy the slide show and all the splashes of color so vivid that you may need your sunglasses!  

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