A Constant Source of Pleasure

Portland - header

The sun was out in full force last Saturday ..the temperature jumped from the low 50’s to the high 70’s and in Oregon that means everyone hits the streets on their bikes and in their shorts.  We decided to enjoy the day by going to the Portland Saturday market.  I know I’ve posted shots from the market before, but the people, food, music and crafts there are a constant source of pleasure (and amusement) for us. I think everyone in Portland was out!   It was wall to wall people, bikes and dogs. Some of the dogs are so small that they are in danger of being stepped on.

Portland - dogs I waited in line for almost 20 minutes for a scrumptious spinach, feta, black olive and tomato crepe but it was well worth it.  We bought a really cool collapsible “bowl” made from recycled chopsticks.  It’s painted black and our bananas have never been happier than they are now in that bowl!  Luckily I resisted (this time anyway!) buying yet another bird feeder from my favorite bird feeder maker.  She uses mis-matched china cups and saucers to make the best feeders.

Portland - food

We watched and listened to street musicians, saw a woman having her palm(s) read, heard an impromptu sermon from a gentleman standing on a box, watched as two people had caricatures drawn and browsed interesting and eclectic artwork. I can’t help myself…I just love the vibe ….so be forewarned…you will probably see more market shots throughout the summer.

Portland - sketching

Portland - flowersPortland - music


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