Everybody’s Out Now

Flower - Dafs in green potOne of the cool things about living in Oregon is that almost every town, large or small has some sort of festival during the year.  There’s the strawberry festival in Lebanon, the pear festival in Hood River, the rhododendron festival in Florence, the sausage festival in Verboort,  the iris festival in Keizer, the rose festival in Portland….you get it.

Well a couple of weeks ago we went to the daffodil festival in Amity. There are lots of daffodil fields around Amity, but the festival itself was Flower - Daf Single Yellowheld at the local grade school, complete with a lunch buffet, kids art show and daffodil competition. It was really fun to see how each grade designed daffodils….the younger kids used cupcake papers for the flower’s centers, some used toilet tissue for the petals, and kids in the upper grades painted or drew or photographed the flowers and all the art was on display.

Daf - Wingle tiny yellowAnd then there were the daffodils themselves…I didn’t have a clue that there were so many types, sizes and colors.  Some of them were no larger than a quarter, others had pink centers and some even looked more like a rose than a daffodil. Maybe you didn’t know about all these varieties either…so have a look.  Next up…the iris festival in Keizer in May, and then the World Beat Festival in Salem, and then the sauerkraut festival in Scapoose and then and then….so many festivals, so little time!

DAF - field



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  1. I wish I lived closer … I’d be tagging right along!!! Sounds like a wonderful variety of great events … and great photo ops!!! I’ll be looking forward to your next jaunt and the resulting photos!!!!

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