Hot Cars, Princesses and Tater Tots

Car - header

Car - Green FlamesOver 400 classic cars filled three halls at the Portland Expo Center .  Many of them costing upwards of $500,000.  A paint job alone can run $50,000 and then all that chrome and the big engines and the custom interiors just keeps driving  the price up. We restore our classics to original (which is not inexpensive either), so it’s fun to see what people do to classic cars when they have a lot of cash lying around!  We call those kinds of cars “trailer princesses” because their tires never touch the ground.   This year’s show included a hall full of “rat rods”….these are classic cars that drive just fine, but look like they just came out of a field in Oklahoma…all rusted and dented, chrome-less and with peeling paint. Some owners add weird skull hood ornaments or chop and drop them and paint them all black. Apparently the worse they look the cooler they are.  Who knew.

Car - TattoosIt’s also fun to watch the people. We saw Miss Oregon, Miss Clark County, Miss Cascades and Miss Washington signing autographs – and I lost count of the number of people at this show with tattoos.  When we finished drooling over all the beautiful cars, I was starving.  So we treated ourselves to iced tea and tater tots!  Tater tots with ketchup!!   I think we eat tater tots once a year.  Now I know why….I ate all but five tots.  I’d call this a pretty good Saturday.  Enjoy the (slide) show!

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