RakesTook a drive around the country (again) the other day to clear my mind.  Didn’t work.  I started out toward Aurora then veered toward Canby then on toward Silverton but decided to head home instead.  But I took the wrong turn and ended up at Bauman’s Nursery.  In addition to the spring plants and great pots orchids found in the old-fashioned store they have a barn with goats, bunnies, sheep, llamas and roosters.  The sheep made me smile as he/she popped his/her head through the fence right next to the feed machine. The rooster…well he just looked like he was saying “Don’t mess with me!”  So to go along with my random country drive, what you will see here are pretty eclectic images…thus the tagline for my blog.Awhh Come On Baumans - Goose Feathers Don't Mess With Me Fenceline Floater Garden Cones 2 Garden Implements How Much Is That Bunny Its A Shame I Kill These Rakes Top


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