I don’t even like bees

Coming in for a Landing

But apparently I like to photograph them!   I was cataloging recent flower images and realized that I’ve taken quite a few photos of bees. I don’t like to get too close so I use my 135mm f/2.0L lens rather than the 100mm macro.  I keep trying to get that really cool shot of a bee (in focus!) as it’s coming in for a landing.  Haven’t managed that yet. So my goal this summer when bees are everywhere is to get one beautifully in focus on the fly – and maybe even get braver and closer.  Or not.  Enjoy the slide show below.

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5 replies

  1. Oh honey, they won’t bother you!! Honestly, they’re as gentle as can bee … sorry couldn’t resist!!! Seriously, you’ll be fine. Good luck on your in-flight-in-focus capture … I give it a go every so often as well. Seems like my best are always mucked up by quirky backgrounds. Love the slide show, by the way!!!

  2. Thanks Lois. You are right…I was in a lavendar field last summer and the bees were certainly more interested in the flowers than they were in me. I’d probably get that flying shot if I didn’t shoot wide open…habit. I like soft backgrounds more than I like flying bees.

  3. Great photos! Perhaps though photography you will see not only how beatiful they are but how cute and how sweet they are.
    II was afraid as well, but now I’m a beekeeper and Iove them!

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