Feb - The BEEThe sun was out the other day after a couple weeks of wierd-for-us-all-day-fog followed by normal Oregon rain. I decided to take advantage of the day even though the temperature at 53 degrees was still a bit chilly. I didn’t expect to find much blooming when I arrived at historic Deepwood Estate and Gardens.
But I was surprised to find snowbells and crocus popping up, little yellow flowersFeb - Hope showing their heads, bees busy doing their work and people walking their dogs. There was a robin posing in the bright green grass, tipping his head this way and that…listening for worms maybe. I also Feb - Squirrel copystumbled upon my very first woodpecker who let me get within a foot of his tree – and a squirrel who was, I must say, a bit perturbed by my presence. Perhaps spring is right around the corner. No…wait…the sun and blue skies rattled me…this is Oregon…spring here begins in June. Sigh…well there is always hope and more flowers waiting to bloom.

Bird - Woodpecker 1

Feb - Almost Header

Feb - Schnauzer triptych

Feb - Snowdrops


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