Hooked on Birds

Got ItI have two bird feeders on one of the backyard trees and every once in a while a couple sparrows would stop by but not more than a few at a time. I was determined to increase the number of birds visiting the feeders, so I purchased another one from the same  local Christmas market vendor who also made the one I already have hanging.  She makes them out of colorful miss-matched cups and saucers and plates. Lo and behold…a plethora of birds are visiting the tree. I’ve since learned from a Flickr friend that the birds in my yard  include house finches, sparrows, Juncos and scrub Jays.  Who knew.

Lift OffI also took a trip this weekend out to Baskett Slough wildlife habitat in the Willamette Valley about 10 miles from my house.  The day was foggy and cold (36 degrees) but the giant white egrets, geese, ducks and herons were everywhere.  Had fun using my 150-500mm lens to capture hawks, geese and giant egrets.  Hooked on birds…for a while anyway.  Enjoy the slideshow!

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  1. I’m birdie crazy too … our backyard friends seems to prefer black oiler sunflower seeds here (don’t bother with the specialized blends … for “songbirds” or that kind of thing) … but they also go crazy for suit cakes. if you can find the peanut butter ones, you might start getting woodpeckers, too. Finches love thistle, also called niger seed … but those seeds take a special kind of feeder. I absolutely love your images … your cup and saucer feeder is gorgeous!!!!! And your birdie images are just darling!!!!!

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