Leaf Book CoverIts’ funny how things happen. And how they happen for a reason.  In July I was on Facebook and noticed a comment on one of my images I posted on my Duckprints Gallery fan page.  The kind comment was made by a retired president of a local community college. I knew her professionally from working with her and the other 16 presidents, in my position with the Oregon Community College Association.  I asked how she was doing and she told me she and her husband had just returned from Morocco (one of their many trips abroad) where she sketched and wrote poetry.  I didn’t know she had either of these talents so I tossed out a quick  “you should write poetry for my pictures”.  Surprisingly, she immediately responded with “that sounds like fun”.

Leaf Zen KRita and I talked about what images might interest her and she selected a series of leaf photos I took at the Portland Japanese Gardens.  We met and she asked me about each image…what I was thinking when I took it, what I saw in it, etc. Then, she started working on the poetry and I started working on the book’s layout and design. After three meetings (at a breakfast spot we now call “our place”), we produced a book.  The book is titled “Late Autumn Meditation”.  Rita wrote her poems for that book in the Japanese Shibui style.  A preview of Late Autumn Meditation can be found here.

Back cover collageWell, we just did it again.  This book is called “Mid-Winter Comfort”.  (A preview of the book can be found here). This time the images are rather moody with texture and shadows and evoke cold and dreary days, while Rita’s poems are happy, uplifting and descriptive. I surprised her when we were working on this book by telling her that I’m not a poetry fan – but I love her work!  I’m an English/Journalism major and had read enough Blake, Shakespeare and Wordsworth in college to last a lifetime.  If you were wondering…yes, we’ll be meeting at “our place” in May to start work on what we are currently calling “Spring Intermezzo”.  It’s funny how things happen.

TEMPLATE - WHITE Bio info for Softcover


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