The Bleak Mid-Winter

OK, so it’s not mid-winter yet, but the past five days have certainly been bleak!   Cold, rainy, grey – typical Oregon winter.  You’d think I would be used to it by now.  But it’s been so dark and I caught my one cold a year (yes, two days before Christmas and probably caught it from one of the myriad of people in my office who are always sick).  Despite my scratchy throat and stuffy head, I decided to drive around the country side focusing on the bleakness.Bleak - Orchard

When I pulled the images from the camera they were all dark and gray – well no surprise there!   At first I thought I’d process them in black and white, but then decided it might be fun to use RadLab’s cross-processing action.  It gave the images an edgy feel which ended up matching my mood.  A friend I shoot with would be proud…he calls me the “drive by shooter”. . . .many times on my country drives I don’t even bother to get out of the car!  Didn’t get out once this time either….it was raining so hard anyway …  and I have a cold.  Sniff.


Bleak - River

Bleak - tree 3

Bleak - Birds and Road

Bleak - tree lights


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