Frivolous Friday

Blog - Starbucks collageI’m lucky, I only work Monday through Thursday so Friday is the day I usually use to feed my photography obsession.  This Friday the weather was certainly iffy.  I walked the Wheaties in pouring rain (a Friday, Saturday, Sunday occurence…the wheatie walks…not the rain) and then thought for sure I’d be housebound with my camera focused on oil in a cup of water.  But then I thought…what the heck…brave the elements.

Blog - EZ Orchards CollageI started by stopping at Starbucks in Keizer Station where Alex, one of my favorite barista’s greeted me as the sun shone brightly and handed me my grande-decaf-mocha-extra-hot-no-whip concoction.  From there I drove the two miles to EZ Orchards.  They have really great produce, pastas, beans, aprons and fun Blog - holiday collagevases and other holiday items.  Christmas trees and wreathes adorned the front entrance.  I bought some really lovely coasters as a Christmas gift for a friend which I promptly photographed when I got home so I can use them as textures on my images. 

Blog - Apples CollageThe country drive to Silverton was lovely.  I came across an apple stand next to a beautiful orchard.  The owner had 13 varieties of apples available.  This was to be the last weekend of the season for her so she was asking only $1.00 a pound. 

Blog - Silverton collage I decided Blog - street lightto walk around Silverton but unfortunately, a few minutes after I found a great parking spot….the skies opened up.  I did catch a gentleman sitting under an awning enjoying a dry spot for his morning cup of Joe. All in all, it was a wonderful day for a drive in the country.  Between the rain squalls, sun breaks and gusty winds, I even saw a rainbow or two.  Frivolous Fridays…I love them!


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  1. I love the apple photos and the rainbow behind the red light. maybe we can use the rainbow in Spring. Spring Temptations? Spring Sonata? Remembering Spring? March into Spring? still playing….

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