Marketing 101

I started this blog early in 2012 to force myself to take new images and branch out of my comfort zone…not to sell my work.  But two sites where I house my images are providing discounts and so I thought I’d take a chance and just let you all know.  I don’t plan to use this blog as a selling tool on a regular basis, so I hope you’ll forgive me just this one time.

If you like my coffee-table books, they are discounted 20% until November 20. The code at checkout is:  GRAPHICS.  You can find them here.  If you like photo calendars you can find them here for a 15% discount until November 17.  The checkout code is HAPPY2013.  The calendars are great because the print quality is so good that you can cut out the images after the month/year is over and frame them.  They make good inexpensive gifts.  You can also find several of my images as iPad and iPhone cases although not discounted right now. Thanks for the indulgence!


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