They Just Needed A Little Something

Like many photographers who moved from film to digital I was excited by the fact that I could take hundreds of pictures without incurring the cost of film and printing.  I’m all about instant gratification (thus my love of throwing pots…on a wheel…and even more…photography).  But the road to self-editing is long and sometimes painful.  It takes a while, even if one has a decent to great “eye” to understand that not every shot is the winning shot. Over the years I’ve adjusted my work flow and I’ve increased my skill level so that I’m taking fewer and what I hope are better shots (well…maybe not fewer oil and water shots but that’s due to an obsession!).  Still, every month I clean image files and then at or toward the end of the year, I make a final pass through all the folders before moving the current year’s images to another location.  I started to do that this week.  During that process I either think “Why was I keeping THIS one??” or “Oh cool – now this would make a great image if I………” 

I tend to process my images fairly soon after I take them…if time permits (transferring them off the camera, reviewing and deleting the really bad shots, starring the good ones and then working on the ones I consider really good). It’s amazing what a different perspective I can have looking at an image months after I shot it. This new look coupled with new processing skills and techniques, can really make things interesting. These images just needed a little something extra to make them a bit more artsy!


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