Step Away From The Cup!

If you’ve been reading my blog you know I like to take pictures of oil and water.  I find it fascinating and can literally get caught up in it for hours.  Well, I did it again the other day.  This time I used a different technique.  My other images were all taken hand-held with my 100mm macro open wide (2.8-3.5) using a clear plastic cup on a light box with color blocked paper underneath. I aimed the camera at about a 40 degree angle which picked up refracted light and made the oil drops look like planets.

This time I actually used my tripod and remote release.  The camera was set up to aim straight down at the oil drops – once again in the plastic cup on the light box –  and I added a bit of dishwashing liquid to the water too.  I shot at 7.1-11.0 and used a small flashlight to illuminate when needed.  Hope you enjoy the slide show below.  I’m pleased with the results – they are so different from the others.  And just as addictive!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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