Sunny day and we decided to go to the Portland Saturday Market. It’s a great place to watch people and there were literally hundreds of them there taking advantage of the gorgeous late summer weather.  The market is on two sides of Front Street…the artisan (fine arts) side is on the Willamette River side and the crafty more weird stuff is across the street.  I wanted to get the wheaties new collars…there is a wonderful dog bed/collar/leash/jacket maker in Portland called DoodleBugs….they make them all by hand. I could order the collars online, but it’s much more fun going to the market.
Wondering about the title?   Well, we kept seeing people walking around the market with these pink boxes.  Finally we asked someone about them…donuts.  Voodoo Donuts.  Three blocks from the market.  We found it and stood in line for more than 30 minutes….count ’em….30 minutes for donuts.  The shop is famous for the donut in the shape of – you guessed it – a voodoo doll.  It’s covered in dark chocolate icing with additional icing in a variety of colors with an edible “pin” stuck in the heart area and finnally it’s filled with raspberry jam.  We ended up getting two Voodoo donuts, two maple with bacon (yes…beyond scrumptious!!!) and a lemony donut (lemon is my husband’s favorite flavor). There are 70 kinds of donuts to choose from and although they are a bit more friendly being Portlanders, it’s a bit like the “soup Nazi” episode on Seinfeld.

We shared one maple bacon donut as we finished walking through the market (although I know we could both eat our own if forced to do so!).  Above and below is my attempt at street photography while trying very hard to keep my maply-bacony fingers from sticking to the shutter button. 


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