The Door To The Garden

About three years ago while strolling through the Salem Saturday Market I started taking pictures of flowers at the Buena Vista Flowers booth. I got to know Mary who has more than two acres of flowers in the lush Willamette Valley.  There is something special about her flowers and especially about the way she arranges them.

She has an eye for structure and color.  I had the pleasure of taking picture of her creations for her website.  I try to visit the gardens a couple of times each season.  I was there today as she and her assistant Daniel were gathering blooms for the colorful buckets she uses to display her flowers at market.

It’s such a wonderful experience strolling among the raised beds and being greeted by Otis the farm’s friendly black lab. Mary’s work space is what I imagine an English garden cottage look like…buckets of flowers everywhere, garden tools hanging from wooden beams, all manner of colored ceramic pots and music playing in the background.

Open the door and enjoy your visit to Mary’s garden.


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