I Have A Thing For Musicians

Photographically speaking that is!

I was perusing my images looking for pictures I could convert to black and white and then enter in the Oregon State Fair “Oregon Salon of Photography” competition (have only managed “honorable mentions” but I keep trying.  Sigh).  Because I’m a fan of  bright colors, most of the shots I take don’t look particularly good converted to black and white so it was tough for me to find ones I liked.

During my search I realized how many musician shots I have and how cool they look in black and white.  So I spent a good bit of time converting images.  Most of the pictures are of the instrument or the musician’s hands playing the instrument.  And  I took most of them at our local Saturday market. You never know what you will find…one weekend there was a young man playing a bagpipe! There are always high school kids practicing alone or in groups or young people playing for tips to help work their way through college -some playing better than others…but who cares… it’s music – and apparently, I have a thing for musicians.


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