Odd Bits

Years ago when Bill and I made one of our first trips to Great Britain, we discovered a wine shop “chain” called “Odd Bits”.  The stores carried wonderful wines from places one would never think produced wine.  Ever since then, I’ve loved that term and have used it as a gallery title on my photography websites for images that don’t fit a particular category.

Well, this weekend was an “odd bits” weekend photographically speaking.  We took the wheaties to the Saturday market and I stopped by the Buena Vista Flowers stand – my favorite at the market.  It was an overcast day, but we decided to drive to Sherwood to look at a classic car show.  On the way driving through the countryside we spotted the beautiful red barn and horses you see above.  Since we had already gone passed it, Bill  made a U-turn so I could get a shot.  He knows me too well…he’s a great photographer’s assistant!

The car show was nice, but it was weird not having a car in the show.  We’ll be showing both our 1960 Desoto Fireflite and our 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer this summer.  This will be the Dodge’s “debut”.  The Desoto is a veteran and takes prizes every time. Before it started to sprinkle I took a few shots.   And on Sunday, the weather warmed up enough for me to relax and read on the patio…but not without the wheaties!!  Maybe with my next post, things will be a bit less odd!


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