No People

I very seldom take pictures of people.  It’s awkward, it ruins the moment, I don’t want to be rejected and I don’t really connect well….probably because I’m an only child, lived all over the world while my Dad was in the Army – and I was never good at making friends (and I’m still not)……ohhhh….sorry…that’s a therapy issue!   Anyway, I was cleaning out photo files and actually found quite a few people pictures – granted some are from behind…but they are still people.  Maybe seeing them all in a slide show will inspire me to step out of my comfort zone.  Sigh.  Probably not.

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  1. Bull pucky! You had more admirers than any other girl in the class. We all knew we just weren’t good enough for you, which is why I tried to make up for it with Birch Beer for your parents, and complimenting Sunfires while giving you a ride to school in a Mercury Comet! Bull pucky! By the way, the photos are pretty darned good,too.

  2. The images are enchanting! I LOVED the photos containing people, in whatever setting. I think perhaps the photos of children were my favorite, with the girl and sheep my personal favorite! So moving, so well done! Thank you, Rebecca, for stepping out of your comfort zone to share them–we are all the richer for your gifts!

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