10 Days In Florida

Just got back from ten days in Florida.  You won’t see the typical Florida shots here this time.  So no sunsets since Key West was overcast and no beaches (no time  – but I have thrown in a sunset shot from when we last visited Key West in 2006).                                                                                                                                              
I spent four days in meetings in Orlando, three days visiting friends in West Palm Beach (we lived there for seven years and four hurricanes before moving back to Oregon) and then two days in Key West.  Just happened to be in town for the Key West bed races.  Very fun and quite a sight!  Only in Key West. 

West Palm Beach has a great zoo – I spent the day there with my best friend. This little Koala girl was napping when we saw her. There is also a wonderful park called Lion Country Safari.  It’s one of those drive through parks where the animals roam free in environments as close to their home environment as possible.  There’s a great place to feed the giraffes – up close and personal.

I had a fabulous time visiting my friends Patrick and Yan (so fun talking “shop” and finally meeting Yan), Sheri (wonderful morning sitting outside in the sun and then browsing the stores at CityPlace),  Lyn (had so much fun at the zoo and at lunch and at dinner! – too bad we didn’t have time to hit Steinmart),  Danna and Perry, (lovely evening meeting your “kids” and sharing dinner before your cruise), Terry (fun lunch – let’s not wait five years to do it again!) and Barbara (so very very glad that a spur of the moment coffee get together was possible).  The heat and humidity, the horrible traffic and the mosquitos who love me – I can live without – but my friends…that’s a tough one.  Thanks everyone – hope you all have a chance to spend 10 days in Oregon.



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  1. Rebecca, I really like your sunset image from 2006. Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate on your recent trip.

    • Thanks Frank. It would have been nice to get a sunset shot, but I have quite a few from before so it wasn’t a big deal. Just enjoyed the warm weather even tho’ it was quite humid.

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