First Day

What a perfect day for the opening day of our Saturday market!   Last year we dashed through barely speaking to the vendors grabbing veggies and flowers in a blast of spring rain.  This year, we walked slowly with our two soft-coated wheaten terriers Molly and Dugan and enjoyed the sun and the “buzz” of opening day. 

Lots of dogs “meeting and greeting”, young musicians sharing their talent, old friends getting together for morning coffee and a brand new vendor with incredible cupcakes (I had a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting and Bill had the lemon raspberry cupcake).  The cherry blossoms are still in bloom on the capital mall plaza so after our stroll through the market we enjoyed a short walk under the pink canopies.   All in all….a gorgeous first day.  And we still have dinner with friends to look forward to tonight.


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  1. I am sure we have a Saturday market somewhere here in the Tri-Cities. Your photo’s make me want to find one next week. I miss you guys!! Love the photo’s, reminds me of Salem!!

  2. I continue to be amazed, Rebecca, at how you can take the ordinary and make really nice images from it. Thanks.

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