All I Have to Offer

Part of the reason I started this blog was to force myself to take my camera with me every day and post new images.  Unfortunately, it’s Oregon
with spring rains that frequently last until May (that’s when I’m ready to move back to Florida, hurricanes, heat, bugs and all!).  

We were all so pleased we had a mild winter but now we are paying for it.  March came in “lamb-like” and is exiting like a lion!  Heavy rain, gray skies, winds and low temps. On my way to work last week in between drops, I managed a couple quick shots of the cherry trees in bloom on the state capitol mall.  Hopefully by the time the sun shines again some of the blossoms will still be there.  Today I braced myself against the cold to venture onto our patio where I found the clematis in full bloom climbing up the pergola.  This is all I have to offer so far this blustery spring.  Sigh.


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