Business Meeting

I had a business meeting for two days on the southern Oregon coast in a town called Coos Bay.  I very seldom have time at these monthly two-day meetings to take pictures, but I always take my camera just in case I find that perfect shot.  I found it but couldn’t pull over. 

The day before (the second day of spring) there was an unusual snow storm dropping about 8-10 inches in the Willamette Valley.  The next day I drove 200 miles to Coos Bay.  The stretch of I-5 was wet with lots of slushy snow on the shoulders and lots of not so slushy snow in the fields.  On the way to Eugene hundreds of sheep and lambs were wondering what all the white stuff was.  The perfect shot and nowhere to pull over….sheep walking in what must have been a quarter-mile line in the snow against a wire fence.

So, my not so perfect shots…the mountains and the bay taken from my hotel room – through the glass.  And the grazing Elk taken outside of Reedsport as I started my drive home about 4:00 p.m.  I did get out of my car to take that one.  There’s hope….I’ll be driving to Bend in May.


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  1. We lived in Reedsport one winter and loved it….birds everywhere. We also enjoyed watching the elk at Dean Creek. I’m sure conditions will be better for your May trip!

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