In The Midst of The Countryside

Went to a local farm/nursery (large operation with a retail store) the other day looking for another ceramic bird feeder.  Didn’t find one but I wandered around the farm’s petting zoo and then the sun came out for a bit and twinkling in the distance were gold spires. I jumped in the car (after taking pictures of the cherry blossoms and the bunnies) and pointed my VW bug toward the gold light.  I was so surprised to find two Old Believer churches (Russian) in the middle of the countryside.

The blue topped church was surrounded by a lovely white picket fence which piqued my interest…as you know if you’ve read this blog, I am fascinated with fences.  So I couldn’t resist a quick snap.  The texture I added in the processing helped make the fence look older than it is.  The churches were so beautiful and reminded me of when I lived in Germany as a child and visited many Zwiebel topped churches.

The cherry blossoms were gorgeous against the blue sky.  The breeze was pretty brisk but I managed to take a few pictures of the fresh flowers. I’m always surprised when I go for these quick country drives. Even tho’ I didn’t find what I set out to look for.


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