Oil and Water Do Mix

Each winter I decide on a photography project that I can do inside while waiting out the rain and gray skies in Oregon.  This year’s project is this blog…which I’m not sure is going to work out…since I don’t have a lot to say and what I do say is not that interesting.  But, since it’s my winter project, I’ll stick with it for a while.  Sigh.

Last winter I became fascinated with oil and water.  So I set up my light box…one of those boxes with white opaque plastic and a light inside – usually used for viewing slides or tracing images – and placed a piece of paper on top of it upon which I had printed multiple random color blocks.  Then I filled a clear plastic glass with water and dropped in oil using the tines on a fork. I popped my 100mm macro lens on my Canon 7D and after some experimentation became addicted.  I took the shots handheld at about a 35 degree angle.  I took so many that I had enough to self-publish a coffee-table style book I called “Emulsions“.  I was tempted to go back to the glass this winter but I knew I’d just end up spending countless hours in the den with the light box. Sigh.  If you enjoy the images and want to see more, you can find them here.


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