Pretty Bird

We lived in Florida for seven years (and lived through four hurricanes!).  We moved from Oregon to West Palm Beach which was to say the least a culture shock.  The pace of life was faster and the topography….well the highest above sea-level “mountain” was the local garbage dump!  The heat and humidity were oppressive (although I do admit to loving to sit on our patio by our spa drinking wine in January). What made Florida tolerable for me (other than some really great friends I made – and miss) were the birds.  I don’t think I ever saw so many great white egrets, spoonbills, herons, sandhill cranes or ibis.  Anne McKinnell a really wonderful photographer is in Florida right now and her latest images reminded of how much I enjoyed – and miss the birds.

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  1. Hi Rebecca, thank you very much for your kind words about my Florida bird images. I have learned quite a bit about photographing birds since I have been here. I really love that image of the pelican on the top of this page. It’s really beautiful, the sepia and texture work great.

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