Each time I grab my camera and jump in the car to drive around the countryside I wonder what I’m going to find to photograph.  I drive around the countryside alot and how many new things are there to see. But I don’t work on Fridays so that’s my day to nurture my passion. I’m always surprised when I find something interesting.  This Friday I spent about two hours wondering around Basket Slough – a wildlife refuge.  It was a sunny winter day and even at 11:00 a.m. it was still only 36 degrees. For such a cold day there were so many animals out and about…swans, nutria (which I mistook for beaver…who knew…guess the tails are different), coots, Canadian Geese and lots of falcons.  The nutria was swimming in an icy pond while the geese and coots walked gingerly on the slippery surface.  I panned a shot of the swans in the distance as they flew to another pond.  When I looked at the shot I loaded on the computer I was surprised to see five deer on the hillside.  Always surprised.


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  1. I especially like the horses image. There are faint angling lines in the backgrond above the fence that I can’t quite figure out. Some nice images from only a two hour outing.

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