Pen Pal

Almost two years ago I licensed several of my images to the Gailans Collection in England hoping they would be selected for book covers…alas that has not happened.  However I did form a friendship with Jan, one of the partners.  We started emailing and one day I mentioned that it was sad more people did not write letters.  I was so surprised to receive a letter from her the next week. We correspond about once a month now and we’ve both realized how bad our handwriting has become from lack of use! 

Sometimes Jan includes small gifts with her letters.  The first was four paper hearts cut out of an old Italian book (I’ve since learned that Jan has a penchant for hearts and of course books).  I admit to photographing the hearts before I even read her letter!  Recently her Christmas gift to me included silver paper hearts and a miniature clothes pin.  Yes, I photographed them…this time after I opened her gift.


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  1. Interesting, Rebecca. I, too, now have a pen pal, obtained via Facebook. She’s a poetry prof in California (and a huge Duck fan, but I like her anyway), and we decided to try to keep the post office alive, one letter at a time. I look forward to getting the mail from the box again, instead of just rolling through a zillion e-mails. She’s much more prolific than I am, so I have to get on the ball. Love the hearts…

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